Sometimes things are just better when you combine them together. Like strawberries and cream; or cheese and crackers… and let’s face it: healthy eating and proper exercise. Did we just kill the mood???

Combining diet with exercise truly is a magical synthesis for those who want the become fitter… or is it? How many times have you followed a popular diet, published for the masses (Atkins, Fit for Life, South Beach, Isagenix etc etc)? And while you were on the diet, did you become a gym rat, a cardio junkie, a work-out fiend? Did you lose weight? Did you feel great? Chances are, you did! But did it last? Hmmmmm…. Maybe its time to take a closer look at why you aren’t getting fitter, despite all the work you’ve put in.  It could be something as simple as an imbalance in your body…

REFRESH WELLNESS GROUP is a partnership between Holistic Nutritionist, Chelsea Cybalski, CNP and Personal Trainer, Angela Moore . Together, Chelsea and Angela will delve deeper than simply prescribing a generic diet and fitness plan. They will carefully look at you as an individual, because they know and understand that each person is biochemically unique. They will get an in-depth analysis of your current state of being. They will identify important deficiencies  in your diet and possible toxins and imbalances in your body; and they will measure your overall fitness ability – all of which could be putting a negative impact on your health and wellness. They will then carefully design a customized nutrition, fitness and wellness plan so that you can be on the road to restoring balance and finally reaching your optimum physical health, for the long-term!

So just like peanut butter and honey or cookies and cream, Angela and Chelsea really are better when you combine them together!



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